…and the journey begins.

Well, erm how do I start. Awkward hmmm. Ermmm  here it goes…

There was a time when I was  a social network addict. Yes, addict.I am actually ashamed of this now but hey ho on the plus side it has all been part of the learning curve. Whatever curve that is. At the age of seventeen I was a regular contributor on virtual forums. Especially one in particular. The craze lasted at least fours years. I loved debating, I enjoyed the whole energy of learning something new; as well as sharing. My opinion was to be shared and heard. The grasping of knowledge while portraying a social front felt cool. Even if it was virtual.

Now looking back I feel  I was a regular on virtual forums due to having a lot of free time from my studies; as well as always utilizing the internet for research which lead to serious procrastination. At seventeen you’re not supposed to have an opinion but in the virtual world everyone is a scholar and everyone has a right to share their opinion. The virtual forums sort of filled a void in my life. I was going through a lot of changes in my life and I got to express myself without giving a monkeys about what people actually thought of me. They (people) did not matter. It was not like I knew them or they  knew me personally.

.  Currently I find myself once again with a lot of free time due to a change in my personal circumstances. Hopefully this is not going to last four years. There is always hope.  A void needs to be filled and I am hoping this is it.